A Guide to aid in Water Bottle Choice

Regardless of your occupation, a water bottle mainly helps in safely transporting water to cater for your hydration needs. Getting those best glass water bottles could be a button away, or a shop within your neighborhood. Nonetheless, various factors have to be examined so as to choose a suitable water bottle as per personal needs.

Water Bottle Types

Water Bottle Types

Water bottles are as many as their makers. That is, in terms of design, shapes, size/capacity, and even color. Some people even like to match water bottles to clothing among other things. Manufacturers know this all too well, and they come up with all kinds of water bottles.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Made from culinary-grade stainless steel, such bottles are relatively common. They are fairly lightweight, making them good for carrying during activities. Yet, they are quite sturdy, though prone to scratches and slight dents. Sitting in the sun for too long would make the drinks inside warm and taste metallic.

Glass Bottles

For the safest drinking water storage, go for glass. Still, some types of glass are not suitable as they easily shatter. Look for the type that withstands various pressures, without compromising the water quality.

Insulated Bottles

As insinuated above in the stainless-steel section, some water bottles have thermos-like capabilities. Such water bottles maintain your drink’s temperature as at the time you stored them. However, effectiveness dwindles with age. Meaning replacements have to be done to keep effectiveness as expected.

Choosing the Right Bottle Size

Would you want a big bulky bottle that requires less refills compared to smaller bottles? Would you want a durable bottle for long-term use? Is a big bottle too tiring? Such are the questions to consider when deciding bottle size. What is more important is an understanding of the activity at hand. For instance, runners would rather have an averagely-sized bottle that fits perfectly in their hands. Too big a bottle would be ineffective. On the other hand, hikers can purchase bigger bottles as they can carry those in their bags.

The Qualities of a good Water Bottle

When seeking to buy a water bottle, there are several factors worth considering. Here is an expansion on some of those.

Ease of Cleaning: re-usable bottles have to be cleaned constantly. Cleanliness is important in maintaining drinking water safety. As such, an easily cleanable bottle is a bonus. While most bottles are dishwasher-safe, check with the manufacturer to establish so.

Beauty: a well-crafted bottle, will sort of ‘invite’ you to drink often. Some bottles even have a scale on the side that informs on the amount of water consumed. Such design enhancements keep one encouraged in maintaining recommended hydration levels.

Portability: the ability to easily move the water bottle with you is key to all of this. A bottle that is too tiring to move around would discourage use. Therefore, hydration needs will barely get met. Bottles with a comfortable strap are an added advantage. That helps a lot in aiding mobility.


While the choice of water bottle is important, the main issue here is staying hydrated even while on the go. It is said that the body is 70% water and those levels have to be replenished now and then. The means through which that is achieved does not necessarily matter, so long as it meets hygiene requirements. Luckily though, water bottle creators take care of all factors. Yours remains choosing the water bottle you like most.

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