Sleeping on the Right Mattress when Pregnant

Mums do talk and think quite often on sleep-related issues. It gets all the more interesting when they are pregnant. They wonder how much sleep they need, in what manner should they sleep, among other sleep related concerns. Others still want to seek more information even after buying the best mattress for pregnancy. Keep reading for a deeper insight on all matters, sleep, mattresses, and pregnant women.

A new Mattress Directly Relates to Improved Sleep

Sleeping on the Right Mattress when Pregnant

Sleeping patterns get interrupted for the body is working overtime. When you would normally be sleeping, you might find yourself awake. Amazingly, a good mattress, especially one with memory foam at the top would help. It not only provides comfort but gives enough room for body growth. Most importantly, it keeps off lower back pains, which could be a major cause of irregular sleeping patterns. Keep reading to find out how you can determine if the mattress chosen fits the requirements.

Questions to ask in Determining Mattress Suitability

  • Is my body getting enough rest of between seven and eight hours per night?
  • Does my body ache in certain points during sleep or after waking up?
  • Most people usually wake up a lot of times at night, during pregnancies. So, ask yourself if you too are waking up more often than in the past.
  • Do I prefer the mattress ends staying rigid in support, or those that are flexible?
  • If you have a spouse, what position do they prefer to sleep in?
  • When sleeping, do I feel hot or cold?
  • Do my spouse and I have any underlying health issues that need consideration?

At the mattress shop, answering all of the questions above greatly helps in narrowing down to the most suitable choice. Of course, some sales people have their own way of determining appropriateness. So, should they ask questions, do answer truthfully. Also, here are some extra tips to enhance the selection process.

Some Suggestions on Mattresses and Accessories

So as to induce some good sleep, consider soft mattresses. The best in this category are those that come with tapered coils at the top. The coils shift as you change sleeping positions and that gives consistent support.

In order to stimulate proper blood flow, some doctors recommend sitting for some hours with the legs above the heart area. Such a fete would work well in the presence of an adjustable mattress, and/or bed. Some beds even come with a split adjustable area, to avoid inconveniencing the partner. Make sure that mattress is capable of carrying excess weight. Especially since you might need to sleep on your back in the first trimester.

Most people do know pregnancies come with morning sickness. What most do not know is that night sweats are a common phenomenon amongst pregnant mothers. Too much moisture could lead to deterioration of mattress effectiveness. Thus, it would be wise to have a mattress cover. It works quite well in preventing liquids, allergens, stains, and irritants from getting to the mattress. In the long run, and a worst-case scenario, should the water break it will not get to the mattress. Hence, hygiene levels are maintained and the mattress stays free of fluids.


Mattresses do get replaced after some time. However, you might need to replace mid-schedule should you get pregnant. Pregnancy comes with new and urgent comfort needs. You might therefore, not wait for the next scheduled change. That said, it is not just a mere change. Factors as indicated above need to be put into consideration to ensure you are purchasing a suitable and useful mattress.

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