What Can Hamsters Chew on for Their Teeth?

What can Hamsters Chew on for Their Teeth?

Many of the hamster pet owners may not aware about their pets very well and you need to maintain a special care for its teeth. In which there are number of chew products are available in the market for your hamster pet and it includes the wooden toys. You must provide these wooden toy items to your hamster for ensuring that his teeth stay healthy. You also need to be carefully while selecting the wood pieces for your hamsters to chew and you need to provide an alternative chew treat food item for your hamster.

The hamster teeth is not like a human teeth where the teeth of the hamster keeps on growing as similar to the way the fingernails grow for the human beings. In the wild hamster they grind down their teeth through the regular chewing on pine cones or sticks and with their eating behaviour. In order to keep the hamster teeth strong and safe, you need to provide the wooden chew sticks and wooden blocks where this will keep the hamster teeth ground down. Without these items your hamster pet animal teeth can be affected with the injury and it gets damaged.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys are the best hamster toys for your pet animal, in which while choosing the wooden toys ensure that the wood is of unpainted because the untreated wooden hamster toys are found to be unsafe for your hamster pet animal. Never pickup the wooden sticks from the yard because the wooden stick pieces may contain the parasites especially it is present in the dead wood. You can provide the sticks made from the pear or apple wood where these wooden sticks will help the hamster in protecting their teeth and for grounding their teeth. Ensure that you avoid the wooden toys that are contains the oil because these oil content wooden can cause the respiratory upset. Don’t give the hamster toys which are manufacture in China, because these toys may add with poisonous chemicals where that may be kill your hamster.

9 best items for the hamster to chew

9 best items for the hamster to chew

Generally, the hamsters love to chew more than that they absolutely need to do this for keeping their teeth ground down and this is because their teeth can grow quickly and it requires the right type of the chewing product to keep their teeth ground down to a safe length. However, not all the chewing toys are found to be the greatest one for these hamster pet animals but it is very much important for you to ensure that you are purchasing a non – toxic, hamster-safe chews for your pet. The following are the list of best hamster toys for the hamsters of all the domestic breeds and these lists include the chewing toys and as well as the chewing treats that your hamster pet animal will love for sure.

  • Sharllen apple sticks
  • The niteangel grass balls
  • Kaytee perfect chews
  • Super pet lava chews
  • Kaytee nut knob nibbler
  • Pawliss teeth grinding rocks
  • Alfie pet charm chew
  • Niteangel natural chew rings
  • The pranovo 6-pack wooden chewing toys

Hamster chew toys

The hamsters are often treated as a animal that don’t need much tending to but these are natural instincts that their owners attempt to facilitate their hamster pet animal. One of those instincts is to chew on the items that is available in their surroundings where this is not only for its enjoyment for both wild and domestic hamster but it also helps them to keep their teeth healthy, clean and ground down the length of their teeth.

The hamster chew toys is found to be the best alternative one for these hamsters just to alleviate boredom and this avoids the hamsters escaping from the cage. While buying the best hamster toys you should always choose the hamster toy that is more than chew able toy that is available in your environment in which there are number of hamster chew toys are available in different textures and sizes where this provides the variety of things that will kill down the boredom of your hamster pet animal. When you go with the variety of the hamster chewable toys then you can get different tastes which are quite vital one for your pet.